This issue has been plagued by the you can't get poetry out of a horse by beating it phenomenon. In other words, as soon as I had to write the next part of Winning Is The Only Safety, my Muse fled. So I finally gave up. Particularly when I discovered that I had enough pieces available to make up an issue anyway. SO, I'm going to have to say, all bets are off regarding Winning Is The Only Safety. I have the plot, I just can't write it. I'd rather you didn't shoot me, just help me write it somehow. (sigh)

Be not too distressed, Highlander crossover fans. We have a real gem here, Voice From The Past, by Jenny Hayward, which, despite the title, has nothing to do with Blake's 7. This is a Babylon 5 crossover, rather more B5 than Highlander. I really like this story, which is just as well, since it takes up most of the issue. It's one of those stories you can go back and read again and pick up all those things you missed the first time around.

The next-longest story is Man of the Century, which is unusual because I don't like Quantum Leap as a rule, but this one really struck a chord. Melancholy, perhaps?

We have another get-you-laughing story from Kimberlee, a Highlander character story from Sandra McDonald, and assorted poems. Here I go again, just as many poems as stories.

A warning for the net.connected: most of the pieces in this issue are archived on the net -- if you know where to look. Some have appeared on mailing lists, and others are archived on the authors' own web pages, or other web pages. Thanks for the suggestions of the folks on the FANZINE mailing list -- Jenny Hayward's author's notes would not have made it into this issue if not for you.

Only two letters of comment this time. Guess I'll just have to give up on that column altogether. You obviously don't want it. (humph!)

This issue is a worldwide first -- it will be available at MediaWestCon, because Yours Truly is going to be there! I will, barring disasters, be sharing a table with Judith Proctor. Us folks with funny accents gotta stick together! (Well, they will be funny accents in relation to the majority of the attendees, won't they?)

Up and coming (hopefully in time for MediaWest) Refractions #4 is going to be a special one-story issue, a cool Babylon 5 story by Isoline Sanderson.

I guess there's not much point in asking you to tell me what you think of the zine -- none of you do anyway, so what's the use? Besides which, I think it's wonderful, and I'm the editor, so what I say goes!