Astrogation Log

The point of this little column is to orient yourself if you are lost while reading the pieces in this issue, so I’ll tell you a bit about where and when they’re set. It is stuck at the end of the zine so that you don’t rush off and read about the stories before you read the stories.

Migration is a poem set at the very end of the first season of Ocean Girl , aka Ocean Odyssey in the UK.

Bitter Wine is set just after the Blake's 7 episode Rumours of Death and partly into the next episode, Sarcophagus . But if you haven’t seen Rumours of Death, you’d better.

Elegy For the Seven is just that; a poem of mourning for the Seven of Blake's 7 .

Winning is the Only Safety (1): First Death is a Blake's 7/Highlander crossover, set after the last episode of Blake’s 7. As for the Highlander connection, well, there could still be immortals in the future, couldn’t there? As for the (1), yes, it is the proposed first in a series. I still haven’t written the next one, though I do have a good idea of what will happen.

Deliverance is a poem set around the Blake's 7 episode Deliverance , in which Avon is taken to be a god by a waiting acolyte on a primitive planet.

Suspicion is a Blake's 7 story set randomly somewhere in the fourth season.

Bartolomew is a poem about Bartolomew. Rush off and watch the Blake's 7 episode Rumours of Death if you want to know more.

All I Really Need To Know I Learned From Watching Highlander is, well, a list of epigrams and advice, derived from watching Highlander , and you don’t need to have seen the series at all to appreciate it, though if you have, you could play spot-the-episode if you like.

Ending is a poem about the death of Roy Batty in Bladerunner . And don’t tell me you haven’t seen Bladerunner!

Though This Be Madness is a prequel to the Outer Limits episode The Forms of Things Unknown , but you don’t need to have seen the episode to enjoy the story - I didn’t.

Soldier is ostensibly a Blake's 7 poem, from the point of view of any poor sod who’s been conquered by the Federation, but it could be set anywhere.

Not Dead But Sleeping is set in the Alien Nation universe, where a group of alien slaves (the Tenctonese, colloquially known as Newcomers, insultingly referred to as Slags) crash-landed their spaceship in California “seven years ago”, but apart from the situation, there is no overlap with the series. It is set in a completely different country with no characters from the series.

Aftermath is set just after the Babylon 5 episode Eyes , in which Garibaldi is seconded to an internal investigation into the competence of the Babylon 5 command staff, and is so busy that Lennier, who offered to help with the mysteries of rebuilding a 20th-century artifact (a Kowasaki motorbike, complete with Japanese-only manual) actually finishes the bike by the end of the episode.



Bread And Salt

I have eaten your bread and salt,
  I have drunk your water and wine.
The deaths you died I have watched beside,
  And the lives you led were mine.
Was there aught that I did not share
  In vigil or toil or ease, -
One joy or woe that I did not know,
  Across the starry seas?
We have written the tales of your lives
  For a sheltered people’s mirth,
In different guise - but you are wise,
  And you know what the tale is worth.
     – Judith Proctor (via Rudyard Kipling)