Enarraré #8

190 pages, A4 format, reduced print, coil-bound, board covers. Illustrated by Annie Hamilton, Sonja van den Ende, and Bruce Mitchell.

Full contents:

Insurance by Ana Dorfstad (Blake's 7, Season 3)

Why did Avon really look for Blake in Season 3?

The Gate Beyond Winter by Marie Logan (Blake's 7, Season 3)

An errant Queen is saved from goblins by elf-wights - or is that what is really going on?

An earlier version of this story appeared in one of the ConQuest conzines under the title All The King's Horses.

Nascent by Catherine Stewart (Tomorrow People, Season 3)

Tyso's family caravan got one leak too many. Tyso has a scheme to get a new one - but would John approve?

River of Night's Dreaming by Jack Wyngard (Blake's 7, Season 5)

There are two survivors of Gauda Prime. But for how long?

How To Be Ridiculously Well-Acquainted With The First Season of Blake's 7 In Less Time Than It Takes To Make A Good Cup of Coffee by Danny Murphy and David Leighton (Blake's 7 humour)

Comical illustrated descriptions (some poetical, some not) of the episodes of the first season.

Folio by Sonja van den Ende (Assorted)

Full-page drawings by Sonja Van Den Ende.

Might-Have-Beens by Bryn Lantry (Blake's 7, Season 3) poem

Avon thinks of Blake, at the start of season 3.

Infernal Devices by David Tully (Space 1999, post season 1)

What really happened to Prof. Bergman?

A Lie - After Orbit by Bryn Lantry (Blake's 7, Season 4) poem

Avon's reaction after Orbit.

Celtic Circle by Catherine Stewart (Sapphire and Steel)

The Brendansbane is an old ring - just a family heirloom. Or is it? What happened to the jeweller who was cleaning it? Sapphire and Steel have been assigned - but not everything is as it seems.

The Devil's Loom by Ana Dorfstad (Blake's 7, Season 3)

Avon apparently killed hundreds of people. Is he innocent, has he gone mad - or is it something worse?

The Seventh Rebel by Bryn Lantry (Blake's 7, Season 1)

Blake included Zen in his count of their team. But what did Zen think about it?

In My Enemy's Eyes (The Inheritors, Part 1) by Catherine Stewart (UFO post-Season 1)

Peter Carlin, close encounter, off course, plane crash... survival?

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