Refractions Content Submission Guidelines

An SF media fanzine - from a different angle!

Thank you for your interest in Refractions! This just contains the content guidelines for Refractions, for the general submission guidelines look at . These guidelines are hopefully exhaustive, but if you have any questions, please email me at

Submission guidelines revised 13 August 2001

Story settings

This is a SF Media fanzine. Thus, the works here are to be based on some known universe of some TV show or movie which is science fiction or fantasy, not on original works, or on other TV shows or books or movies. In addition, I will not accept Star Trek stories (any generation), since I am aiming to cover less well-known shows, and Star Trek has plenty of outlets elsewhere.

On the other hand, if a story is a crossover, I won't reject it out of hand if one of the universes in the story does not meet the above criteria. For example, a Survivors/Professionals crossover would be acceptable because "Survivors" is TV SF, even though "The Professionals" isn't.

If you consider your preferred universe is too obscure, don't give up, just try to make it so that someone who has not seen the show in question will still be able to understand the story. That isn't to say you need to give a summary of the show - anything but! Just let slip the bare minumum we need to know, describe what the characters look like, that sort of thing.

A good piece will always speak for itself.

Some editorial biases:

I love Blake's 7. I happen to like, among other things, Sapphire & Steel, Highlander, VR.5, Space: Above and Beyond, Star Cops, Tomorrow People (old and new), Ladyhawke, The Champions, The Sentinel, and UFO, but I'd rather have a well-written Battlestar Galactica story than a badly-written Blake's 7 story.