Enarraré #11


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Icarus Walking

The serious student of military history might just be a little concerned on hearing that the names of two upcoming operations against the Chig were called Mulberry Jam and Anvil. And McQueen is quite well acquainted with the subject of World War II. Worried? You bet. He has been temporarily seconded to the U.S.S.S. Nevada and while there, he receives an unambiguous warning that the bad guys haven't given up and that his life is in danger.

In the meantime, Ross knows more than he's saying, Arkie is appalled by what he hears on the copy of a black-box recording he's requisitioned from the pilots of the 82nd squadron, Hawkes receives an extremely unpleasant birthday present, Damphouse is having trouble fending off a nosey reporter who has arrived to do a photo-essay on the Wild Cards, Vansen and West are off to the planet Minerva and Wang -- well, he's just about to alter the fate of the universe by changing one word...

If you enjoyed Annie Hamilton's 265 Different Kinds of Cheese, you'll almost certainly love this story. It surpasses Cheese for intrigue, mystery, suspense, not forgetting more than a few moments of absolute hilarity. Part III of the Parameters of Peace is entitled Icarus Walking and is set between the episodes Sugardirt and If They Lay Me Down To Rest. At over 95000 words, it is a full-length novel, and is illustrated throughout with full-page colour inserts. It has a glossy A4 cover and is coil-bound. It is one-half as big again as Enarraré 10.

Out of print.

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