Refractions #1

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Migration by Kathryn Andersen (Ocean Girl)

Poem set after the end of the first season.

Bitter Wine by Jean Graham (Blake's 7)

Looking inside Cally and Avon around Rumours of Death and Sarcophagus.

(First appeared in Blake's 7 Complex #12 in 1987)

Elegy For The Seven by Judith Proctor (Blake's 7)

Poem mourning the Seven.

Winning is the Only Safety: First Death by Kathryn Andersen (Blake's 7/Highlander)

With so many corpses on Gauda Prime, what's one body more or less? Avon and Vila are both free, alive, and alone. How long can this last? And what strange thing has happened to Avon?

(An earlier version of this story appeared on the HLFIC-L mailing list. This version also appeared in Southern Seven #10)

Deliverance by Kathryn Andersen (Blake's 7)

Poem about the episode of the same name.

Suspicion by Jenny Hayward (Blake's 7)

A fencing of words between Avon and Soolin.

Bartolemew by Judith Proctor (Blake's 7)

Poem about Anna's altar-ego.

All I Really Needed To Know I Learned From Watching Highlander by Marina Bailey (Highlander)

A collection of wisdom from Highlander.

Ending by Kathryn Andersen (Bladerunner)

Poem about Roy Batty's death.

Though This Be Madness by Jean Graham (Outer Limits)

In the dark of night, Tone Hobert stumbles to the house of a blind man, Kolas. Hobert has escaped from an asylum, where they locked him up for wanting to battle with death. And yet, in the shelter of Kolas' house, he is determined to try again. A prequel to "The Forms of Things Unknown" but there is no need to have seen that episode to understand the story.

(First appeared in HERE LIES ILLYA KURIAKIN in 1985)

Soldier by Judith Proctor (Blake's 7)

In every war, there is the soldier who carries out the orders. (poem)

Not Dead But Sleeping by Kev Davis (Alien Nation)

The newest ethnic group to land on the shores of Britain are a little out of this world. They are the Tenctonese, called Newcomers, Slags, Spongeheads -- aliens who crashlanded in California more than five years ago. Most stayed in the USA, but some emigrated to Britain. Detective Inspector David Crowley is one such, and here he is faced with a puzzle of death. What happened to the corpse of Eric Praline? Who is Richard McGeddon? And why would someone want Crowley dead? This is set in the Alien Nation universe, but with all original characters.

Aftermath by Jim McMahon (Babylon 5)

Dr. Franklin pores over a patient, Garibaldi feels guilty and Delenn is furious. But what actually happened?

Babylon 5 story set after "Eyes".

(First appeared on the B5-creative mailing list)

Illustrated by Kathryn Andersen, Shona McAndrew and Jean Graham. 58pp A4, approximately 40400 words. Parchment paper covers.

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