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Enarraré is an award-winning Australian fanzine with an international reputation. (How's that for hype, huh?) In the beginning, it just concentrated on British Media SF&F (such as Blake's 7, Doctor Who, UFO and the like) but it has now branched out to cover the whole world of televised Science Fiction and Fantasy.

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I was there at the dawn of the Enarraré age...
Well, I was. I, Kathryn Andersen, speak. It was there in my own lounge room that Annie Hamilton was trying to come up with a name for her new fanzine, so I took out the family copy of the Compact Oxford Dictionary, and started looking up obscure and archaic words that sounded good and meant something interesting. And eventually we found "enarrate : to tell out clearly", hence, "Enarraré" from the Old French, "story".

For those who wanted to know, the pronunciation is:
Enarraré == EH-nah-RAH-ray.

I cannot recall when issues 1 and 2 came out, since they don't actually have a date on them. But it was probably late 1986. Issues 3-7 all came out in 1987. That was a busy year. I was a uni student at the time, so I had enough Copious Free Time to actually help a great deal, doing much illustration and layout of stories, particularly in issues 5-7, so I suppose I could be credited with being co-editor at that time.

After that, due to various things, such as moving to another state, I could no longer be involved with the editorial process of Enarraré. But I still contributed.

1988-1989 was the time of the Opus, as the Enarraré Blake's 7 Special Edition was known when it was being worked on. Known among fen as the Big Black Zine, it won the 1989 Australian Media Science Fiction Award for best fanzine. The editorial committee consisted of Annie Hamilton, Maria Letters, Ellen Parry and Christine Poulson. This issue was also nominated for a FanQ award, even though at that time only five issues had actually been sold to people in the USA. There must have been numerous pirate copies circulating for the nomination to have taken place for that US award.

Enarraré 8 came out in 1992. This time it was just Annie Hamilton and Ellen Parry who edited it. This issue is still available.

Then there was a long pause, due to various things, and then Annie discovered Space: Above and Beyond and started writing The Parameters of Peace. Because of the imminence of the Neutral Zone convention which had a number of S:AAB guests, publication dates were again revised, and Enarraré 10 (the first S:AAB special) came out before Enarraré 9, even though printing of #9 had already begun.

Issues 9, 11 and 12 all came out more or less within a month or so of each other.

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