Staked Blake

Staked Blake is an all-crossover Blake's 7/Buffy: The Vampire Slayer fanzine, brought to you by Cat-Out-Of-The-Bag Productions.

What we have here is the Second Edition of Staked Blake, which has the same content as the first edition, with five extra pictures and eight more pages (and takes up less space).

If you want a print copy, you can get it from my UK agent, or you can print it yourself.

This fiction is emailware. The price you pay for downloading these zines is to send me an email <fiction at katspace⋅com> in appreciation. That's only fair, isn't it?

Letters of Comment are put on the web.

These files can be read with Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is available FREE from (Look under "downloads")

For ease of downloading, the zine has been broken up into groups of about 20 pages. For simplicity, none of the files are linked to each other, nor do they have anything fancy done to them at all.

Because I have never gotten any feedback about the setup of the Refractions-in-PDF, I didn't bother doing anything more, I didn't set up the files as Articles, because what's the point of going to all that effort when it isn't useful to anybody. This will mean that reading these files on-line will be less easy than they might have been.

Printing is enabled on these files; I'm letting you print out your own free zine, if you want to.

Please note that all the fonts in these files are embedded, so it ought to look exactly the way it ought to look... These files do not use Times font for the body font, but Utopia.

Staked Blake - Contents

What's in it.