Astrogation Log

Co-ordinates set; time and place described, orientation complete - regarding these stories and poems, that is.

Pieces is a VR.5 poem, which refers to things which happened in the entire series, so I guess it's really set just after the last episode. If you haven't seen VR.5, you may either wish not to read this poem, or else read it anyway, and be intrigued, and be inspired to watch VR.5, since the references are somewhat cryptic, and you probably wouldn't recognise them until you saw the episodes anyway.

Man of the Century is an alternative universe Quantum Leap story.

Knight's Quest is a Forever Knight poem, about Nick Knight's quest for mortality, what motivates him.

You Never Let Me Go is a Blake's 7 poem about Avon and Anna and the events of Rumours of Death. A favourite setting for Blake's 7 poets.

Tell It Like It Is is a Highlander story, set indeterminately any time after Under The Color of Authority, or after Testimony, but probably later than that.

Messages From... is a Babylon 5 episode-aftermath kind of story, set just after the third-season episode Exogenesis.

``We Have Made A Covenant With Death, And With Hell Are We At Agreement'' is a heck of a long title, but then it's a relatively long poem too. But then long almost-pretentious Bible-quotation titles are a very Babylon 5 thing to do. This one is about Morden.

Elegy, if you were wondering, is a Blake's 7 poem, and the person whose elegy it is, is Cally. But it could have been anybody, really.

Voice From The Past is a Babylon 5/Highlander crossover story, set soon after the second-season Babylon 5 episode Spider In The Web, but making references up to In The Shadow of Z'ha'dum. Actually, it makes reference to something in Ceremonies of Light and Dark also.