By Marina Bailey


∙ Even the most unlikely people have some good in them.

∙ The occasional flashback helps relieve tension.

∙ Money is useful, but it isn’t everything.

∙ Always pay your parking tickets.

∙ Don’t fence merchandise - you meet the wrong kind of people.

∙ Take a minute to tell children fairy tales.

∙ Tell your Significant Other you love them.

∙ Beware sultry black-haired women with swords.

∙ There are no points for placing second.

∙ Listen to your suspicions - ten to one they’re right.

∙ Don’t be too-proud to accept help.

∙ Always have your sword handy.

∙ Keep your eye on what you’re looking at.

∙ All people need to know where they come from.

∙ The more the world changes, the more it stays the same.

∙ All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

∙ Don’t interrupt someone who is delivering a baby.

∙ A new identity can be a way to start over, but only in an emergency.

∙ Do not apologise for your life.

∙ It’s never too late to do something else.

∙ Before ordering, make sure you know what the menu says.

∙ Don’t play with swords unless you know what you’re doing.

∙ There’s no such thing as bail in France.

∙ Relieve tension by exercising. Beating people up is generally not good.

∙ Live for something, don’t drift through life emotionlessly.

∙ Try to cheat Fate. It doesn’t matter if you can’t. Keep trying.

∙ If someone kidnaps you, be resourceful. You might escape.

∙ Darkness is only the absence of light. You have four other senses.

∙ Let go of the past; nothing lasts forever.

∙ You can’t bring them back. Nothing you do brings anybody back.

∙ Trying to counterfeit dollar bills will just give you more problems.

∙ Trying to fry someone at a crematorium is a really stupid idea.

∙ Know how to look after a baby - you’ll have to eventually.

∙ There is more to life than the letter of the law.

∙ Tell the truth. Lies are always discovered.

∙ Play by the rules whenever possible.

∙ Vampires don’t exist, but some things are just as scary.

∙ Holding grudges only prolongs the pain.

∙ When someone confronts you, make sure you’re who they’re looking for.

∙ Don’t brandish your sword in public. Especially not in broad daylight.

∙ Being older often means that you know more, but not always.

∙ Know who you are and stay true to it.

∙ Respect other people’s philosophies, but choose your own path.

∙ Wanting a normal life is understandable, if not always possible.

∙ Protect those you love as well as you can.

∙ Question what you don’t understand.

∙ Go to the park on occasion. It’ll do you good.

∙ No matter your size, you can learn to defend yourself.

∙ Every day you fish adds a year to your life.

∙ When someone says it’s over repeatedly, they usually mean it.


∙ Not all nightmares come from within.

∙ If you see two people fighting with swords, don’t interrupt.

∙ Too much glass in a house is just asking for trouble.

∙ One tall story is fine. Too many will bore your audience.

∙ Great
music will outlive us all.

∙ If you want something, go for it. Refuse to be refused.

∙ Don’t let others run your life, no matter how well they do it.

∙ Make your own decisions about who your friends are.

∙ And
remember, there can be only one.