Enarraré #12


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The Inheritors: part III

The Cutting Edge

The long-awaited third part to Catherine Stewart's Inheritors cycle is finally here! By the time SHADO's security chief has any idea that a significant number of the organisation's senior personnel are acting under alien influence, it's almost too late to do anything about it. Almost. And as if that weren't trouble enough, Scotland Yard is nosing around Harlington-Straker studios, the boss seems finally to have lost his marbles, and there's something very odd about the incarcerated alien which Carlin brought back from the arctic. Indeed, it's becoming a very debatable question as to who as got whom prisoner.

Illustrated by Kathryn Andersen and Annie Hamilton.

Available now through Parliament of Dreams at only $A20 or $US20 or #12 including postage. (Please add $US5 or #2 for personal cheques.) Enarraré 12 is A4 in size, 120 pages in reduced print, is coil-bound and has a colour cover. Since cost includes postage, prices may alter for multiple copies.

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