Refractions #2




Refractions #2


The Fifth Edition


Generated August 15, 2004

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Edited by Kathryn Andersen
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Well, here we are again. I can’t blame Bryan this time, since Alternity has turned into one of those clubs that never was - or at least, that hasn’t happened yet. Refractions is now not affiliated with anyone, but is simply my own brainchild. (mine, mine, all mine! - well it was all mine before, Bryan and I just had a mutual-assistance pact.)

This issue, as I have been telling all and sundry, should be debuting at Parliament of Dreams, Australia’s first Babylon 5 convention - which should be fun fun fun (and terribly busy for me!). That’s the good news - that there’s a fixed deadline, and I think we’ll meet it. The bad news is that as a result of this fixed deadline, a few stories (which are not yet finished even now) had to be bumped from this issue to Issue #3. The most dissappointing change (from the few comments I have had) is that the next part of Winning Is The Only Safety is not in this issue. Next time, I promise! I simply haven’t had the time to work on it and get this issue out in time. The up-side of this is that Issue #3 already has a few good things promised for it - if the authors finish them! But don’t let that stop you from sending your contributions; as always I am interested in good stuff.

This issue, however, despite the deadline, has a bunch of goodies in it. A mix of stories and poetry, of fun and melancholy, of universes near and far in space and time. The next Inspector Crowley story is here - and folks, even if you haven’t seen Alien Nation, just check it out as a detective story, okay? Thanks to Sandy Tulloch, we have some action-packed illustrations to go with an action-packed story (I’d almost forgotten how many things get broken or explode in this story). At the completely opposite end of the spectrum, from Marie Logan we see a continuation of the story of Ladyhawke - because sometimes happy-ever- after doesn’t happen quite that easily. One of my favourites in this Issue is Irregularity by Russ Massey - he manages to wed Sapphire & Steel and Blake’s 7 so well! So much so that in the midst of much back-and-forth discussions with Russ about the story, I was inspired to write the coda to it.

Oddly enough, this time around, most of the contributors come from the British Isles, with only three from the States, and three from Australia. Gee I love the net!

Do tell me what you think of the zine - else I’ll think I’m yelling into an empty room.




Note On The Third Edition

P.S. This is edition 2.2 the Adobe Acrobat PDF version, whose layout is slightly different to the US edition (Issue 2.1) and the original A4 version (2.0) because that’s the way the layout crumbles. The contents are the same, and I’m NOT doing this again! This edition is available in either electronic or printed forms, from me or my agents below. July 1997

Note On The Fourth Edition

Well, despite my vow not to do it again... I’ve done it again, in aid of me never buying another Microsoft product again, if I can help it. This new revamped version of Refractions #2 was done with LYX and LATEX2e and so it’s going to look a little different.

The first edition was done in August 1996.

Word count: approximately 52,700 words.

Refractions #2 (The Fifth Edition) was put together using LYX , LATEX2e and ancillary scripts for conversions to things like PDF. Story headers were done with GIMP 1.2.3. Prose text was done in Utopia, headers in Dauphin, and other miscelaneous fonts were used also.

Refractions #2 is an amateur, non-commercial publication. It does not seek to infringe upon any copyright. Contents copyright © 1996-2003. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form without prior permission. The authors retain copyright for their own works, and illustrators retain copyright for their art. Contributions of art or written material accepted for use in Refractions #2 are in trade for one free copy of the fanzine, or a discount on the zine if the contribution is less than one full page.