Title Images

Most of the graphic titles were built with GIMP using the Logos script-fus, varying depending on the particular page. The katspace and other titles were done using the Chrome script-fu, with the "slant" font (usually 110pt) or the "silicon" font. The "KatSpace" logos were done using the Alien Neon script-fu with the slant font (at 30pt) in different colours (and then cropped and slightly shrunk).

The title for "Digging Up The Stargate" used the Glossy script-fu, with Burlwood for the outline pattern, and Kashmir for the font. Kashmir is a free TrueType font that I got off the net so long ago I can't remember where. However, I recently tracked it down again at http://www.wantedfonts.com and found that it was created by a fellow by the name of Brian Davies. Unfortunately his email address bounced when I tried to email him.

The title for Sentinel & Guide used the Carved script-fu with wood1.pat for the background pattern, and Caveman for the font, at 60 points. The "previous" and "next" buttons in the web-ring also used the Carved script-foo (with the strings "<-" and "->") but used the Viking font at 50 points.

The title for Sapphire and Steel used the Frosty script-fu with Elbjorg for the font, as well as the Chrome script-fu with the Slant font.

The titles for Reviews and Net-fic reviews used the Carved Script-Fu with a calligraphic font I can't remember, and a background pattern I made myself and also used for the background of those pages.

The title for Games used the Glossy script-fu with Parque #3 for the pattern, "Metallic_Something" for the gradient and "Ethnocentric" for the font; then the pattern layer was desaturated, and a layer of pattern Grey-Blue Cloud #1 was added as a "colour" filter. And the white background was deleted.

The Enarrare title/logo was scanned from an actual zine, and the white background made transparent with giftrans, then, much later, converted to png with Gimp.

The Cat-Out-Of-The-Bag logo was taken from a collection of black & white clip art, and coloured very tediously by messing around with selections and gradients in GIMP for about a day. (I do not want to do that again!)

There is further information about the creation of the Sentinels For Christ page on that page.