Title 1

This was done using Gimp 2.2.

This title image is the result:
Digital Art Notes

  1. Run the "Crystal" Logos Script-Fu, with Totem font (80 points) and gblue_cloud3.jpg as the background image. (I had to use this because the old perl-fu "Crystal" script is no longer around)
  2. Hide the background image.
  3. Because the Logos generation scripts take a string of text as input, rather than an image, I needed to do extra stuff to get the text onto two lines:
    1. Edit -> Copy Visible
    2. Edit -> Paste As New
    3. Image -> Canvas Size; double the height of the image.
    4. Layer to image size.
    5. Select the "Notes" part of the text. Edit -> Cut. Edit -> Paste. Create new Layer.
    6. Move the "notes" layer around until it's where you want it to be.
    7. Merge Down (or Merge Visible Layers)
  4. We now have an image with the lettering and a transparent background. Because JPEG files are better supported than PNG, I added a new layer, moved it below the words, and filled it with what I knew was the background colour on the destined web-page.
  5. Crop the image to a suitable size. (I used Autocrop)
  6. Image -> Flatten-Image and saved as a .jpg file.