Digital Art Notes

I decided to call this page "Digital Art Notes" because the information and tips here aren't pretentious or thorough enough to be called "How-Tos" or "Tutorials". (For one thing, tutorials usually have lots of in-progress snapshots, and I do not intend to dedicate time to making any of these.) They're more like notes to myself so I don't forget how I did whatever I did. Some people might think that showing my art, and then saying how I did it would be a bit like a Magician showing how his tricks were done -- that it takes all the magnificent mystery out of it, the mystique, that it makes it look easy. All I can say to that is, that technique is one thing, and talent is another -- and it isn't as if these are secrets; anyone could look up these things on the web, or in a reference book. This is just something that I hope will be helpful and spark people's imaginations as to the kinds of things that can be done.

All of the notes here are about using The Gimp.

General Notes

Generally useful techniques:

Notes on Tiles and Backgrounds

We all have desktops, and some of us have websites, and in both cases, we might want to have "tiled" backgrounds, where an image is repeated all over the background in a pleasing way.

Examples of tiles and backgrounds:

Notes on Photo-Based Art

Most of the photo-based art I've done has been oriented towards fannish things, and thus focused on portraits of people.

Examples of photo-based art can be seen in my gallery:

Notes on Other Images

This is about digital art-y images which aren't necessarily based on photos.

Notes on LiveJournal User Icons

LiveJournal is a blogging community; users are allowed to have a certain number of "user icons", which are images 100x100 pixels and no weightier than 40K in filesize. They're kind of the artistic equivalent of haiku. I've been making quite a few of them, you can see them on my livejournal scrapbook.

Techniques for icons have a lot in common with larger digital art, but I'm going to stick all the icon stuff together anyway.

Notes on Title Images

Most of the Title images on this web-site were done with simple applications of Logos Script-fu plug-ins, and are detailed on the title images page. However some more complicated titles are explained separately.