SF Sweet Nibbles

Creative relabelling for an SF-themed party

Category: Sweet Nibbles SF Theme


  • rock sugar
  • candy corn
  • domed apple pastries with white glace icing
  • silver ball cake decorations
  • giant shark jelly sweets
  • candy eggs or jawbreakers
  • Wafer-Cream Biscuits
  • Bellis fruit bars or muesli bars
  • Smarties
  • M&Ms
  • chocolate buttons
  • peppermints (with smooth candy shell)
  • Skittles


  • labels
  • bowls and/or plates


Give the ingredients the following labels:

  • rock sugar:Dilithium Crystals
  • candy corn:Ferengi Teeth
  • giant shark jelly sweets:Jellied Babel Fish
  • candy eggs:Metabelis Spider Eggs
  • fruit bars:Star Wars Rations

Put the silver balls around the edges of the pastries as running lights. Label them "Flying Saucers".

Take a packet of Wafer-Cream biscuits, either the type that has three flavours in one packet, or buy one packet each of Vanilla (for yellow), Strawberry (for Red) and Chocolate (for Brown). Put each colour on a separate plate, and label as "Soylent Yellow", "Soylent Red" and "Soylent Brown".

Take the Smarties, M&M's, chocolate buttons, peppermints, and Skittles and sort them out into separate colours, (even if that means putting red Skittles with red Smarties, and surprising people!). Put the separate colours into separate containers, and label. I called them Meal Type 42, Meal Type NCC-1701, Meal Type K9, Meal Type 2001, Meal Type C3PO, Meal Type SV7, Meal Type 54124, Meal Type B7, Meal Type 1984, and Meal Type PK118. Can you guess all the references?

If you find it difficult to find rock-sugar, sometimes one can find it in the exotic food section or maybe an Asian food store or a Deli.

Get someone in Canada or USA to buy you the Candy Corn.