Herb And Onion Dip

This dip has a subtle blend of flavours.

Category: Dips


  • 125g cream cheese (half a packet)
  • 150ml sour cream (half a container) (I used the other half to make another dip)
  • fresh herbs (I used fresh-from-my-garden parsley, mint, sage, and basil)
  • 2 onions
  • freshly ground pepper


  • blender
  • frying pan


Blend the cream cheese and the sour cream together in a food processor. Chop up the onions and cook them in a pan until they are lightly caramelized (just turning brown). Add the onions and the herbs to the food processor, process them until they are well chopped and blended in with the cream cheese/sour cream mixture. Grind fresh pepper on top, and blend that in, to taste.

The onions bring a slightly sweet taste, and the pepper gives a bit of bite.

(invented for my birthday, 2005)