Revision history for Tie-FieldVals

0.6202 Sun 30 November 2008

  • (2008-11-30) * fixed problem with TODO file

0.6201 Sun 30 November 2008

  • (2008-11-30) * a few more tweaks
  • (2008-11-17) * Corrected tests that were calling perl
    • Tweaked Build.PL
  • (2007-12-16) revamped depot

0.62 Tue 16 August 2005

  • (16 Aug 2005) added script

0.61 Mon 08 November 2004

  • (8 Nov 2004) oh dear, forgot another one
  • (8 Nov 2004) oops, needed to change support files

0.60 Mon 08 November 2004

  • (7 Nov 2004) added hash2fv script

    The script does a naieve conversion of an AutomatedArchive hash database file; it just copies the data Field by Field, which makes the most sense, but something I will have to keep in mind for later, when using such converted databases.

    Also, as part of this, added set_from_hash in Tie::FieldVals::Row.

  • (7 Nov 2004) made sort_records (in Tie::FieldVals::Select) more efficient

0.50 Sun 07 November 2004

  • (7 Nov 2004) proper sub-classing

    Now Tie::FieldVals::Select is a proper sub-class of Tie::FieldVals. Also renamed Tie::FieldVals::Join::Row to be Tie::FieldVals::Row::Join and made it a proper sub-class of Tie::FieldVals::Row.

0.40 Fri 05 November 2004

  • (5 Nov 2004) changed accessing of row hashes

    I realized that, when I was using them, there were really only two ways I wanted to access the Tie::FieldVals::Row hashes: either as a reference to an array, because I wanted to go through every multi-valued item one at a time; or as a single scalar value (such as when printing out or comparing values). Also because the $hash{$key=>$something} method of accessing things was annoying, because Perl kept on saying it was a syntax error, I simplified both FETCH and STORE operations for Tie::FieldVals::Row (and Tie::FieldVals::Join::Row).

    Now there are three modes of FETCHing and two ways of STOREing.

    The FETCH operation accepts:

    • a simple key, which gives a simple (possibly joined) value
    • a reference to a simple key, which gives a reference to an array
    • a reference to a hash or array of two values, one of which is the key, the other of which is the string with which to join multi-values.

      The STORE operation only allows simple scalar keys, and accepts either a scalar or a reference to an array for the stored value.

0.31 Fri 05 November 2004

  • (5 Nov 2004) tweaking documentation

0.30 Thu 04 November 2004

  • (4 Nov 2004) improved sort is Nicer

    Added two more sort types, "title" and "lastword". This now eliminates the need to "nice-ify" fields because they'd been reversed for sort-order considerations, such as authors with Lastname,Firstname (can now be sorted with a "lastword" sort) or titles starting with "The" or "A" can now be sorted with "title" sort (which ignores the initial "The" or "A").

  • (4 Nov 2004) just tweaks
  • (3 Nov 2004) added ability to create file if it doesn't exist

    One needs to set the mode to O_RDWR|O_CREAT and to give the field names, if one is creating the file; the default setup is still for a file which already exists.

0.20 Tue 02 November 2004

  • (2 Nov 2004) removed development support files from MANIFEST
  • (2 Nov 2004) added file locking

    Basically uses the file locking of Tie::File.

  • (2 Nov 2004) improved documentation tweaks

0.10 Sun 31 October 2004

  • (31 Oct 2004) added xml2fv script
  • (31 Oct 2004) added fv2xml script

    Not just the script but the tests for it.

  • (31 Oct 2004) improving description

    Added some more stuff to the DESCRIPTION comparing this to other kinds of data files.

0.01 Sun 31 October 2004

  • (31 Oct 2004) added Join test
  • (31 Oct 2004) updated boringfile

    Set a separate boringfile so that it considers the perl build files to be boring.

  • (30 Oct 2004) tweaking auto-build stuff

    Setting the pre-build stuff, and auto-generating TODO and README.

  • (30 Oct 2004) improved documentation
  • (30 Oct 2004) tweaking tests

    Removing some warnings and making safer.

  • (29 Oct 2004) more tests and fix

    Fixed Row so that numeric compares of empty strings are done as a zero. Added tests of simple functionality and selection.

  • (29 Oct 2004) initial checkin

    This is stuff extracted out of the GenRepAr suite, and made into independent modules.