khatgallery README

==== NAME ====

HTML::KhatGallery - HTML photo album generator.

==== VERSION ====

This describes version ``0.03'' of HTML::KhatGallery.


HTML::KhatGallery generates a HTML photo gallery. It takes a directory of images, and generates the HTML pages and thumbnails needed.

This includes the khatgallery script (to generate the gallery) and the kg_image_info script (to get information about an image).

I decided to write this because, while there are gazillion gallery scripts out there, none of them do quite what I want, and I wanted to take nice features from different scripts and bring them together.

Pre-generated (baked, not fried)

Can recurse down into sub-directories of the top gallery directory.

Generates only new files by default.

Can clean out unused files.

Can force regeneration of HTML or thumbnails.

Does not require Javascript.

Ability to add plugins.

Meta-data from more than just jpeg files.

Multi-page albums. That is, directories with lots of images can show only so many images per index page, instead of having to load every single thumbnail.

Very simple page template, not complicated themes.

Pixel-area thumbnails (rather than conforming to particular width or height, you get higher-quality thumbnails by making them have a given area).

XHTML compliant.

Dynamic columns with CSS and HTML, rather than fixed tables.

== The Name ==

KhatGallery comes from a slight mangling of "Kat's HTML Gallery"; it's so hard to come up with names that haven't already been used.

==== REQUIRES ====

Test::More POSIX File::Basename File::Spec Cwd
File::stat YAML
Image::Info Image::Magick


To install this module, run the following commands:

perl Build.PL ./Build ./Build test ./Build install

Or, if you're on a platform (like DOS or Windows) that doesn't like the "./" notation, you can do this:

perl Build.PL perl Build perl Build test perl Build install

In order to install somewhere other than the default, such as in a directory under your home directory, like "/home/fred/perl" go

perl Build.PL --install_base /home/fred/perl

as the first step instead.

This will install the files underneath /home/fred/perl.

You will then need to make sure that you alter the PERL5LIB variable to find the modules, and the PATH variable to find the script.

Therefore you will need to change: your path, to include /home/fred/perl/script (where the script will be)


the PERL5LIB variable to add /home/fred/perl/lib


==== AUTHOR ====

Kathryn Andersen (RUBYKAT) perlkat AT katspace dot org


Copyright (c) 2006 by Kathryn Andersen

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.