Revision history for HTML-LinkList

0.1503 Sun 07 September 2008

  • (2008-09-07) A few tweaks with TODO and Changes.

0.1502 Sun 07 September 2008

  • (2008-09-07) Make the Build make a traditional Makefile.PL
  • (2008-09-07) Tweak to improve prettifying links.

0.1501 Sat 26 May 2007

  • (26 May 2007) fix formats

    Fixed a bug in the advanced formats stuff.

0.15 Tue 22 May 2007

  • (22 May 2007) advanced formats

    Added "formats" option for advanced formatting.

0.14 Sat 19 May 2007

  • (19 May 2007) uneven lists

    Enable this to deal with lists of lists where the first item isn't a normal item, but a sub-list, but the next item is a normal item.

0.13 Mon 11 September 2006

  • (11 Sep 2006) hide_ext

    Added the 'hide_ext' option, to hide extensions of files in links (useful for MultiViews sites).

0.12 Tue 23 May 2006

  • (23 May 2006) description improvements

    Added 'pre_desc' and 'post_desc' options to enable one to put a string before and after the descriptions.

0.11 Thu 20 April 2006

  • (20 Apr 2006) preserve_paths option

    Added the 'preserve_paths' option; if this is true, then the input paths are not sorted, nor do they have intermediate paths extracted. This speeds things up slightly, and can be useful if you already have a full list of paths and don't need to do that processing on it again.

0.1002 Mon 17 April 2006

  • (17 Apr 2006) navbar fix

    If there are paths that are too similar, such as one subdir in a directory being called "foo", and another called "foobar", then it would pick up the foobar stuff in foo when it shouldn't.

0.1001 Thu 13 April 2006

  • (12 Apr 2006) fixed nohide bug

    The 'nohide' option was being ignored in some circumstances.

0.10 Sat 01 April 2006

  • (1 Apr 2006) breadcrumb-navbar

    Added a hybrid breadcrumb-navbar: nav_tree(navbar_type=>'breadcrumb') which starts off like a breadcrumb-trail, showing the parent(s) of the current URL, but also showing the current level, not just the current URL. Useful in situations where you don't want a full-blown navigation tree.

0.09 Thu 16 March 2006

  • (16 Mar 2006) documentation tweaking
  • (16 Mar 2006) exclude_root_parent

    Added the 'exclude_root_parent' option, which excludes the root "/" path from being counted as a "parent" to the current_url when using the 'pre_current_parent' and 'post_current_parent' options.

    This can be useful if you want to use those options but don't want the root/Home link to be displayed differently.

  • (16 Mar 2006) prepend_list and append_list

    Added new options (to 'full_tree', 'nav_tree') 'prepend_list' and 'append_list' which enable you to prepend or append a list of links to be added to your "top level" as-is.

  • (16 Mar 2006) removed nav_bar

    Removed the 'nav_bar' function because it was horrible and made yucky navbars. With use of CSS and choice of levels and separators, the 'nav_tree' should be sufficient, since while the UL list is the default, it can be set up to use paragraphs and so on.

0.08 Thu 16 February 2006

  • (16 Feb 2006) top_level option Added a new 'top_level' option, useful for starting a navigation tree further down its hierarchy.

0.07 Thu 02 February 2006

  • (2 Feb 2006) depth fixes
    • enabled start_depth and end_depth to be changed for nav_tree without wierdness happening. It used to be that end_depth was ignored, and if start_depth was anything other than 1, one would get too many links.
  • (25 Jan 2006) empty lists

    Added a check to see that the generated list wasn't empty; before this, it would always put on the list_head and list_foot stuff even if there was nothing there. Which meant that you could end up with something like

      which is Not Nice.
    • (25 Jan 2006) parent_item_sep

      Added the 'parent_item_sep' parameter to 'nav_bar'.

    0.0601 Thu 19 January 2006

    • (19 Jan 2006) corrected error in changelog

    0.06 Thu 19 January 2006

    • (19 Jan 2006) mostly nav_bar
      • added new function nav_bar, which does an across-the-top navbar
      • added new option 'nohide' to override 'hide'
      • renamed a number of options
      • restructured the way some things were done

    0.0502 Tue 17 January 2006

    • (17 Jan 2006) futher correction to navbar

      This time fer shure!

    0.0501 Tue 17 January 2006

    • (17 Jan 2006) corrected navbar error

      My feature enhancement... didn't do what I thought it did. Oops.

    0.05 Tue 17 January 2006

    • (17 Jan 2006) improved navbar

      Now the navbar shows the next level up when the current page is not an index page; the siblings of its parent.

    0.04 Fri 13 January 2006

    • (13 Jan 2006) improved nav_tree

      Revamped the logic and the options to make nav_tree more sensible and simpler to use.

    • (12 Jan 2006) nomenclature

      Stop referring to directories; they're index pages. Renamed 'dir_tree' to 'full_tree'.

    0.03 Thu 12 January 2006

    • (12 Jan 2006) renames,additions,nav_tree
      • renamed breadcrumb_tree to breadcrumb_trail
      • added the 'preserve_order' option to dir_tree
      • added new function 'nav_tree' to make a nested navbar
      • updated documentation
      • fixes and tweaks

    0.02 Wed 11 January 2006

    • (11 Jan 2006) breadcrumb_tree

      Added the 'breadcrumb_tree' function which makes a breadcrumb trail from the current_url.

    • (11 Jan 2006) minor fixes

      Made the checking of the 'current_url' better.

    0.01 Mon 09 January 2006

    • (9 Jan 2006) tweaking documentation
    • (9 Jan 2006) commit tweaking

      The ModDevAid stuff needed to not try to chmod non-existant scripts.

    • (9 Jan 2006) fixing tests

      Just some minor bugs with the tests.

    • (9 Jan 2006) initial checkin