Revision history for X11-Muralis

0.10 Sun 6 December 2009

  • Revamp; displayng is done with backends.

0.03 Tue 28 August 2007

  • (28 Aug 2007) feh

    Re-added in the options for feh.

  • (25 Aug 2007) hsetroot not feh

    Removed the custom stuff for feh and put in hsetroot stuff instead. I didn't like feh, it didn't scale properly.

  • (21 Aug 2007) enable use of feh

    Because xloadimage doesn't work well with XRender, I added some code to enable feh as an alternative displayer.

  • (5 Apr 2007) no todo

    Removed the TODO file since I am using a different system for TODO stuff.

0.02 Sat 11 March 2006

  • (11 Mar 2006) unseen option
    • (11 Mar 2006) the 'unseen' option enables files to be displayed without repeat, as it maintains a list of files that have not yet been seen, in the ~/.muralis/unseen file.
  • (11 Mar 2006) exclude option
    • (11 Mar 2006) added 'exclude' option, for excluding matches
    • (11 Mar 2006) changed 'image_match" to 'is_image' because it was confusing.
  • (11 Mar 2006) match options

    Replaced the 'dir_match' option with 'match' which will match anything; there's now a different way of gettting the list of files. Also if you give a filename it will display the first file matching that filename string.

    Added the 'nth' option, which will display the nth matching image.

  • (11 Mar 2006) new list options
    • (11 Mar 2006) listformat allows the default directories + files listing, or if 'fullname' will give just a list of the full names of the image files.
    • (11 Mar 2006) outfile gives the name of an output file for the image listing. If none is given, will print the list to STDOUT as usual.
  • (11 Mar 2006) tweaking arguments

    Moved stuff around so that only global things are set in the "new" method, and everything else is properly passed around.

    Also enabled the muralis script to override the config_dir and the regular expression used to decide what is an image file.

  • (11 Mar 2006) removed dependency on ls

    Used opendir/readdir/closedir instead, keeping this more perl.

  • (11 Mar 2006) improved documentation

    I'd forgotten how woeful it was. Now all the options are actually described.

0.01 Sun 04 September 2005

  • (4 Sep 2005) tweaking documentation
  • (12 Jul 2005) renamed the module X11:Muralis
  • (12 Jul 2005) workaround Image::Info bug

    It seems that with some JPEG files, the Image::Info module can't cope with them, even though xloadimage can display them perfectly well. So, if Image::Info crashes, this now simply goes on to the display part. This means that for those particular files, no smart guessing of the appropriate options will happen, but the user can still set their wanted options from the command line.

  • (9 May 2005) fixed tiling options
  • (9 May 2005) initial checkin