Revision history for khatgallery

0.03 Sun 25 February 2007

  • (25 Feb 2007) names with spaces
    • fixing bugs with thumbnail creation where directory names have spaces in them, thanks to a patch from Chris Benson.
  • (17 Sep 2006) typo fix

0.02 Sun 17 September 2006

  • (17 Sep 2006) fix dist error

    Ooops, forgot to set the dist_name to 'khatgallery'.

0.01 Sun 17 September 2006

  • (17 Sep 2006) layout tweaking

    Tweaked the index layout so that it looks better in IE.

  • (16 Sep 2006) basename
    • added file_basename to the meta data for images.
  • (16 Sep 2006) new files check
    • improved the "new files only" algorithm to check for both new and missing files in the current directory and to rebuild all the HTML files in that directory if there is a new or missing file, since the index will need changing but also the image HTML files because of the prev/next links.
    • improved some documentation
    • new get_image_info method, so that (a) it can be overridden and (b) so that kg_image_info can use it, so it is always using the same data as khatgallery is.
  • (9 Aug 2006) improvements
    • documentation of khatgallery script
    • graceful recovery if Image::Info fails when calculating thumbnail size
    • escaping some HTML characters
    • adding --options option
  • (6 May 2006) initial checkin