X11::Muralis is a perl module for displaying an image on the root window of an X-Windows display, and muralis is a script which uses it to do the same.

This module is released under the same conditions as Perl, that is, under Artistic Licence and the GNU General Public Licence.

This bundle is available on CPAN. Just go to my page on CPAN.

I wrote this for myself because I wanted to be able to display random images on my desktop (from my large collection) without having to mess about with the best way to display them, but also being able to redisplay them after tweaking the options if I wanted.

This is the successor of my old disproot script, which frustrated me because, however powerful ImageMagick is, that power resulted in fiddly things that didn't work, and lots of bitrot. So I went back to the old reliable xloadimage to do the actual displaying of the images, which means I lost some functionality, but gained others. (The disproot script was the descendent of of a couple of old shell scripts I wrote and adapted (called dolr and randombg, if you care) which worked well enough, but I got tired of their limitations, (such as needing a file which contained the names of all the images)).