Revision history for SQLite-Work

0.1002 Sun 30 November 2008

  • (2008-11-30) * fixes to Build.PL
  • (2008-11-30) * corrected call to perl in test
  • (2008-11-30) *Meta.yml is generated, so should not be under revision control.
  • (2007-12-17) Make svk ignore generated files.
  • (2007-12-16) revamped depot

0.1001 Tue 26 June 2007

  • (26 Jun 2007) fix makefile

    Fixed bug with Makefile.PL by changing Build.PL options.

0.10 Thu 21 June 2007

  • (21 Jun 2007) force_show_cols

    New option, force_show_cols, which overrides the default setting that if a column has appeared in a header, it won't appear in a row. This can be useful if one has a header which is just the first letter of a column value, and one still wants the full column value later.

  • (29 Sep 2006) bug fixes
    • the SQLite::Work::Mail module had the wrong usage for the templating
    • the edit.cgi and show.cgi examples had error in the InitArgs.

0.09 Sat 09 September 2006

  • (9 Sep 2006) link_suffix

    Added the --link_suffix argument, to change the suffix used in multi-page reports.

0.08 Mon 21 August 2006

  • (21 Aug 2006) renaming template module

    Changed Text::SwiftTemplate to Text::NeatTemplate.

0.07 Sat 19 August 2006

  • (19 Aug 2006) independent template

    Moved SQLite::Work::Template out and made it a separate module called Text::SwiftTemplate.

0.06 Mon 15 May 2006

  • (15 May 2006) improved HTML
    • improved HTML encoding of ampersands (which had upset XSLT processor)
    • enabled sqlreport to use the index_template option

0.0502 Mon 17 April 2006

  • (17 Apr 2006) documentation fix

    Had "CLASS METHODS" twice in SQLite::Work::CGI.

0.0501 Mon 10 April 2006

  • (10 Apr 2006) outfile fix

    My previous enhancements broke normal output in CGI! Ooops.

  • (5 Apr 2006) tweak nbsp

    To make things easier for some post-processors, I removed the   from the prev-next links bit.

0.05 Sat 01 April 2006

  • (1 Apr 2006) working with Embperl

    Made various changes to make the SQLite::Work::CGI module play nicely with Embperl, such as being able to pass back strings rather than impatiently print things out itself.

  • (11 Sep 2005) edit tweaks

    Added an "Add Row" button to the main edit form.

0.04 Fri 09 September 2005

  • (9 Sep 2005) call function in template

    Added ability to call a function from a template, with the {&funcname(args...)} construct. If using a function from another package, use the 'use_package' argument to use that package.

  • (7 Sep 2005) tweaks to formatting

    Titles now include "An" as well as "A" and "The". Removed underline formatting in the 'html' format style because it's too easy to mess up filenames with it.

  • (7 Sep 2005) table_header

    Added the ability to customize the thead of the table when doing a report with a table layout. It's up to the user to make sure that it matches the row_template being used.

0.03 Sun 04 September 2005

  • (4 Sep 2005) removed old import script
  • (3 Sep 2005) distinct

    Added the 'distinct' option, which adds the DISTINCT keyword to the selection. This is active in the sqlreport script, but haven't added it to the CGI selection form.

  • (3 Sep 2005) LIKE to GLOB

    Change LIKE to GLOB in the search stuff; this means that wildcards are now '*' and '?' not '%' and '_'. Also now case-sensitive.

    Also did a quick tweak of some import stuff.

  • (31 Aug 2005) import script

0.0202 Mon 29 August 2005

  • (29 Aug 2005) manifest bug

    Left out some files from the MANIFEST, oops

0.0201 Mon 29 August 2005

  • (29 Aug 2005) fix bug with editing

    An oops moment; forgot to integrate the template stuff for make_edit_table in SQLite::Work::CGI.

0.02 Mon 29 August 2005

  • (25 Aug 2005) mail

    Added SQLite::Work::Mail and sqlw_mail to send templated mail sourced from the database. This does NOT use a Perl mail module, but a selection of a couple of external programs, because I wanted to be able to use mutt for the mail.

  • (25 Aug 2005) restructure

    Moved out some common things (making selections, constructing "nice" column names) into separate methods.

  • (17 Aug 2005) new total option

    Added a --total option to sqlreport; it prints out the total number of matching rows and exits.

  • (17 Aug 2005) tweak

    fine-tuning template stuff

  • (17 Aug 2005) split out the template stuff into separate module
  • (16 Aug 2005) renamed the module
  • (16 Aug 2005) tweak for edit

    Now only shows tables rather than views in edit.cgi

  • (16 Aug 2005) prev-next links for multi-page reports
  • (16 Aug 2005) some tweaks
    • made the WHERE stuff use NULL for nulls
    • better quoting for edit stuff

0.01 Tue 16 August 2005

  • (16 Aug 2005) actually documented stuff
  • (14 Aug 2005) fixed bug with sort-reversed
  • (14 Aug 2005) even more stuff
    • month format
    • nth format
    • check if a page would produce no output in multi-page
  • (14 Aug 2005) more improvements
    • groups option: enable a group of values to be clustered with a header, and be printed only when it is (but not as part of the header)
    • headers (and groups) as files, similar to how the report_template and the row_template can be either a string or a file
    • page: added a '_page' value which can be used in templates which is the current page number (useful for headers in multi-page reports)
  • (13 Aug 2005) tweaking index

    Some improvements to the index-page for split reports.

  • (13 Aug 2005) input field vary

    Now enable one to define the type of input field for editing (well, it enables textarea and text anyway).

  • (13 Aug 2005) alpha-split

    Now can also split by a given column with just the first (few letters) of the value, instead of the whole value.

  • (13 Aug 2005) split by column

    New method do_split_report, and new option 'split_col' to make multi-page reports split by the value of the given column.

  • (13 Aug 2005) added 'namedalpha' to convert_value
  • (13 Aug 2005) revamp of layout/style options

    Got rid of 'bulk' and 'section_style' options, because they names were too confusing. Replaced them with 'report_style' and 'layout', and added fine-tune params 'table_border' and 'truncate_colnames'.

  • (12 Aug 2005) multi-page reports

    The --all_pages option to sqlreport generates all matching pages (if the limit is not zero and a real outfile is given)

    The --title option enables one to give one's own title for the pages.

  • (12 Aug 2005) duh! added tests to MANIFEST
  • (12 Aug 2005) bix fixes and tests

    Yes, some big huge tests! (Well with a largish database) Also a few tweaks/fixes to a few things, like title formatting. Also added a Delete_Row button to the edit CGI (in addition to the original Delete-from-the-single-row-page button).

  • (12 Aug 2005) default format

    Added a default_format, a format-defintion by table+column which is used as the format when using a generated row_template.

  • (11 Aug 2005) fieldval section_style

    Added a 'fieldval' section style, which is similar to the 'none' style for the row_template-generated-in-the-absence-of-a-passed-in row_template, except that, rather than have just the values one per line, it has Field:Value (where "Field" is the column name).

  • (11 Aug 2005) nicecols tweak
  • (11 Aug 2005) tweaking the bulk stuff

    Fixed a bug or so with the CGI, and made more difference between 'compact' and 'large'.

  • (11 Aug 2005) non-HTML reports with bulkiness

    Added a 'none' section_style which gives no section formatting at all, and a default row_template of each value on a line alone.

    Added a 'bulk' option which is basically how compact or verbose the given report will be. This replaces the 'verbose', 'hide_thead' and 'short_colnames' options; there are three levels of 'bulk': small, compact and large. Large gives tables with full table headers, and the query and "m rows out of n" bits at the start and end of the report. The 'compact' option is the same, but it gives short column names. The 'small' option gives table with no border, and no extra bits.

    Therefore, one can make a non-HTML report with --bulk small and --section_style none plus replacing the --report_template so that it just contains "".

  • (11 Aug 2005) template formatting

    Tried out Text::FillIn and Text::Template and found that rolling my own, very simpler, templating made for quicker processing.

    Took a leaf out of other formatters; formatting directives are part of the column-value id.

    Instead of using the full power of HTML::TextToHTML, this does extremely simple HTML formatting. We shall see if it breaks, later.

  • (10 Aug 2005) more row-template stuff

    Extended the conditional so that it can (a) check any col and (b) include more than one col-value. This is probably even slower.

    Also allowed that the row-template could be a file.

  • (10 Aug 2005) more row-template stuff

    Made a make_row_template method.

  • (10 Aug 2005) get_total_matching

    Extracted out the get-the-total stuff from do_report and made it a separate method (in anticipation of multi-page report generation)

  • (10 Aug 2005) templating with conditionals, part 1

    Now the template stuff is more sophisticated (though not as sophisticated as Text::FillIn) as follows:

    • {$colname} gives the value of that column in the current row
    • {? stuff [$colname] more stuff} gives "stuff VALUE more stuff" if the column has a value VALUE
    • {? stuff [$colname] more stuff!!otherstuff} gives as above if the column has a value, or "otherstuff" if it doesn't (useful for giving   in table section_style).

      Note that these are not recursive, and doesn't give escapes for the {} characters, so you just can't use them. As I said, it's not that sophisticated.

      This is probably going to be slower than before.

  • (10 Aug 2005) varied display, part 1

    Added table/para/row "section_style" and simple row templates. The CGI stuff just uses the default row-template.

  • (8 Aug 2005) efficiency tweaks
  • (8 Aug 2005) removed Text::Template use

    Removed the dependency on Text::Template; realized this didn't need something that high-powered. Now this just does simple substitution.

  • (8 Aug 2005) more on the header stuff
  • (8 Aug 2005) sqlreport checking existance of some params
  • (8 Aug 2005) detect header fields from header templates
  • (8 Aug 2005) some fixes with update/add values
  • (7 Aug 2005) customizable headers

    Rather than the headers being limited to just one field, now they can be customized with multiple fields and any other stuff you want, by providing a template for each header.

    The downside is that you have to provide a template for each header, instead of headers being automatic. But I figure that if you already know what you're sorting by, you already know what you want in your headers. And it's a lot less clunky than the old GenRepAr way of doing headers. One has just split it into two: first say what fields are in the header, then provide a separate header template.

  • (7 Aug 2005) initial checkin