Revision history for HTML::GenToc

3.10 Thu 27 November 2008

  • (2008-11-27) Updated documentation.
  • (2008-11-26) Makefile.PL is auto-generated, so should not be under revision-control.
  • (2008-11-26) 1. fixed bug with outputting to string 2. improved anchor making (thanks to Dan Dascalescu)
  • (2007-12-17) Make svk ignore generated files.
  • (2007-12-16) revamped depot

3.00 Sun 27 May 2007

  • (27 May 2007) refactor

    Massive rewrite; now everything is done in one pass with one generate_toc method, and it uses HTML::LinkList to generate the actual Table-of-Contents list.

2.31 Wed 06 September 2006

  • (22 Apr 2006) tweak docs

    Removed duplicate header, is all.

  • (25 Oct 2004) documentation tweak
  • (24 Oct 2004) argfile option

    Using Getopt::ArgvFile 1.09, now use --argfile as an option to get Options Files, instead of having to use the @ prefix.

2.30 Fri 22 October 2004

  • (22 Oct 2004) documentation and README

    Now auto-generate the README from the module PoD; which entailed rewriting and improving it.

  • (22 Oct 2004) updated TODO
  • (22 Oct 2004) optional tests

    Added optional tests using Test::Distribution, Test::Pod and Test::Pod::Coverage which only run if you have those modules installed.

  • (22 Oct 2004) improving Pod

    Some things which additional optional tests complained about, such as Pod about every function, and the usage of =back, fixed. (Needed to commit this before adding the actual tests which tested this, because otherwise the tests failed)

  • (22 Oct 2004) use_id option

    Add option to use IDs instead of anchors in generate_anchors and also recognise IDs in generate_toc.

  • (10 Oct 2004) change auto-build stuff to Module::DevAid

    Now that I've written a proper module for it, use it.

2.22 Wed 06 October 2004

Wed Oct 6 07:45:31 EST 2004 perlkat AT katspace dot com
  • arrgh! more overlooks

    (blush) I forgot to change the README file!

2.21 Wed 06 October 2004

Wed Oct 6 07:38:31 EST 2004 perlkat AT katspace dot com

  • correcting documentation

    Just a few things I overlooked earlier.

2.20 Wed 06 October 2004

Sat Oct 2 20:53:31 EST 2004 perlkat AT katspace dot com

  • enable OL on all levels

    Added --ol_num_levels option (and tests for same) and improved documentation.

Thu Sep 30 21:07:56 EST 2004 perlkat AT katspace dot com

  • improved behaviour

    Fixed problems with doing both --gen_anchors and --gen_toc in one pass; it now no longer stomps on the backup file, as it passes the data from the gen_anchors pass to the gen_toc pass.

    Fixed odd behaviour with STDOUT always being sent to even if a file of '' was given (now '' works to disable output to STDOUT).

    Also changed the 'option' method in HTML::GenToc to 'setting' instead. And improved documentation.

Wed Sep 29 09:13:59 EST 2004 perlkat AT katspace dot com

  • added 'option' method to HTML::GenToc

    Now options are isolated a bit more, and can be queried with the 'option' method; set them with ->args, get them with ->option.

Wed Sep 29 08:40:21 EST 2004 perlkat AT katspace dot com

  • documentation and deprecation

    Improved documentation, including more examples. Also went through and added notes and warnings about deprecation of --tocmap option and the old way of calling the HTML::GenToc methods. Also removed the HISTORY section of hypertoc, because it's better for all changes to be documented in one spot, namely, here.

Mon Sep 27 07:15:47 EST 2004 perlkat AT katspace dot com

  • enable test of script

Mon Sep 27 07:06:02 EST 2004 perlkat AT katspace dot com

  • clearing out remnant of configPL

Sat Sep 25 21:38:32 EST 2004 perlkat AT katspace dot com

  • fix OL oddness and invisible list items in TOC

    Kevin Brannen pointed out some oddness with ToC which had OL lists instead of UL lists, and didn't like the "invisible" list items in TOC lists; and the two problems turned out to be related. Rewrote the TOC stuff to keep more information, nest list items better, and only use "invisible" list items when absolutely necessary.

Sat Sep 25 14:09:53 EST 2004 perlkat AT katspace dot com

  • testing and fixing tocmap

2.16 Fri 24 September 2004

Fri Sep 24 15:43:33 EST 2004 perlkat AT katspace dot com

  • oops changes fix

Fri Sep 24 15:42:16 EST 2004 perlkat AT katspace dot com

  • tweaking auto-release stuff

    I forgot that the TODO file isn't under revision control (just the .todo file...)

2.15 Fri 24 September 2004

Fri Sep 24 15:39:07 EST 2004 perlkat AT katspace dot com

  • update release notes

Fri Sep 24 15:36:57 EST 2004 perlkat AT katspace dot com

  • things for the automated release process

Fri Sep 24 15:03:45 EST 2004 perlkat AT katspace dot com

  • added .todo file (the devtodo program)

    With intent to automatically generate a TODO file from it.

Fri Sep 24 15:00:39 EST 2004 perlkat AT katspace dot com

  • correcting error in darcs test stuff

Fri Sep 24 14:58:55 EST 2004 perlkat AT katspace dot com

  • change over to Module::Build

2.10 Tue 12th August 2003

  • added --to_string and --in_string options to HTML::GenToc generate_anchors and generate_toc to enable using strings rather than files, so that one can use the module in perl scripts which are doing additional processing.

2.02 Sat 15th February 2003

  • removed heavily spammed email address from documentation.

2.01 Sun 8th December 2002

  • Bug fix in hypertoc, to fix the way Getopt::ArgvFile is called.

2.00 Sun 8th December 2002

  • no longer using the AppConfig module, but the old style of calling the methods should still work. Some of the options which were synonyms have been removed.
  • the hypertoc script is now part of this distribution. It now uses Getopt::Long and Getopt::ArgvFile instead of AppConfig. This gives it the full power of Getopt::Long, while config files are taken care of by Getopt::ArgvFile. This means a slightly different format for config files.

1.4 Wed 20th November 2002

  • CPAN testers complained about a lack of explicitly stating all the dependencies of AppConfig, which either means that AppConfig has changed desperately, or their testing methods have changed, since I didn't think it was possible to get the AppConfig module without getting all its dependent modules, but, oh well.

1.3 Sun 17th November 2002

  • fixed minor bug where the filename was always included in the table of contents even when it was an inline TOC and the filename in question was the containing file. (Only a minor bug because the link still worked, but it messed up things when the file in question was a .shtml file which had query arguments to it; presumably would mess up things like .php files as well.)

1.2 Sat 26th October 2002

  • fixed bug which would produce rubbish in the TOC if there happened to be an element which had an attribute which had content which matched a TOC entry; this would make it start collecting content for that, and never find an end-tag for it.

1.1 Wed 28th August 2002

  • fixed bug with requirements which prevented working with perl 5.5

1.0 Fri 24th May 2002

  • cleaned up the tests (now uses Test::Simple and compares test files nicely)
  • rearranged the documentation
  • added --help and --manpage options

0.3 Fri 1st Mar 2002

  • added --notoc_match option to suppress ToC for individual tags

0.2 Sat 23rd Feb 2002

  • added README file
  • updated documentation
  • made the generated ToC more XHTML compliant
  • changed tests slightly

0.1 Mon 28th Jan 2002

  • conversion of htmltoc to a module
  • use HTML::SimpleParse to parse the HTML
  • split the ToC generation into two phases; generate_anchors and generate_toc
  • expanded the --inline option to place the ToC after the first instance of any tag, or to replace a given tag
  • no longer use prefix + $$ to make anchor names unique; instead derive them from the content of the significant element.
  • various other slight improvements