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So, this is the place for the boring personal details, the mere facts that don't actually tell you anything.

"Truth, such as we find it, appears in mythic stories, while recited facts fall into mere opinions. And the more facts are enumerated, the more opinionated and erroneous the matter becomes. At the level of pure facts, there is nothing but chaos. Ah, to be sure, facts are real, one should respect them, but one should beware of them greatly, for it is the feel of the flow which makes the dancer beautiful."
-- Brunsimber Frazhen (The Warriors of Dawn, M.A. Foster)

Age: I am older than Star Trek and younger than Doctor Who. I've been on the net since 1988, back when I was, back before the Web existed, back before anyone had need to coin a new usage for the word "spam".

So you want to know more about me, do you?

It was on the Blake's 7 mailing list where I first came across Meyers-Briggs personality typing (aka MBTI) as people started discussing what types the characters were. So I got curious and took the test at It seems that I'm an INTJ.

Personally, I think personality typing is just a tool, and you shouldn't take it too seriously. The point is not to proscribe one's own behaviour, or to use one's type as an excuse not to try, but simply as a tool for understanding other people, as a bridge. Meyers-Briggs is better than many, because it has more than one dimension of measurement. Of course, it is still crude enough, because it only divides the world into 16 types, and people are more complicated than that. But at least it explains why I get driven up the wall by wishy-washy "P" types, and they get driven up the wall by rash and impulsive "J" types; and understanding is at least one step closer to harmony, yes? (Thus speaks the F part of me).

No, I don't live in the USA.

Kathryn A



Yes, I have a LiveJournal.