Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, here's the FAQ for the site! This is related to the KatSpace site as a whole.

Help! I have a problem viewing this site! What can I do?

First of all, look at the Known Problems section of the About This Site page, to see if your problem is listed there. If it isn't, then let me know, so that I can attempt to fix it (or list it in the Known Problems if I can't...)

May I link to this site? To particular files on this site?

Yes, so long as you only link to HTML pages. This is the web after all -- connection is the thing. But no linking to .txt pages or .pdf files or any other kind of file that's not HTML. It's not fair to link to the site if people can't find their way around once they get here!

Also keep in mind that there is no guarantee that any particular non-index page is still going to be there when next you call, so it will be safer to only link to the index page of the main page or the sub-pages.

And it's nice to let me know you have linked to the site, too. Gives me warm fuzzies knowing that someone thought my page was good enough to link to.

May I link to images on this site?

No. That's stealing bandwidth. Forget it.

There is a collection of images on the Tiles pages of the Gallery, which you can freely download for non-commercial use, as long as you link back to that page, so as to let people know where you got them from.

Do you have any linking logos?

Why, do you want some?

You could use one of the "top corner" logos as a linking logo if you wanted to. I hereby give you permission to copy said logos if the purpose for doing so is to use it as a linking logo (that is, a logo used as an image part of a link back to this site).

No. I'm listed on Google, and that's good enough for me, considering that it's the search engine of choice for savvy netizens. I am NOT a business, and I'm certainly not going to pay you. Get lost, and stop bothering me.

Do you want to join this exciting new advertising opportunity and get lovely commission?

No. If I wanted ads on my site, I'd be at one of the free web-hosts. I am NOT a business, and I'm not doing this to make money. Get lost, and stop bothering me. I don't care how "tasteful" you claim your ads are, I am ruddy well NEVER going to put ads on this site. Of any kind. Is that clear enough? Don't waste my time and yours. The answer is NO.

Do you want to add a link from your site to my commercial site?

No. I'm not going to give you free advertising either. Don't bother asking. And ruddy well don't send me reminders about it either! If you ask, saying that you think my site is interesting, then I know that you are lying, because you haven't read this FAQ. The only commercial sites I link to are ones where I have found the site myself, and found it interesting/useful.

I do not do link exchanges. Get lost, and stop bothering me.

What if I have another question?

Ask the webmaster. If you think it should be part of this FAQ, suggest it.

Kathryn A, webmaster